Cliniweave MD

For a person to be infected while they are in the hospital, an essentially simple process has to operate. There has to be a source of bacteria or virus that can cause the infection and there has to be a means of transmission. Cliniweave® aims to eliminate the bacteria and break the chain of transmission.


Cliniweave Sport

Cliniweave® Sport plays as hard as you do keeping your clothes smelling fresh all game long. This special formulation treats your clothes with a built-in odor defense system that will outlast even the most persistent odors as well as keep fabrics soft and reduce static cling. Add a protective shield against tough odor-causing bacteria to your sports gear, hunting apparel, uniforms, clothing and towels with Cliniweave® Sport textile solution.



DreamSkin® Health garments are a unique new range of premium silk clothing available to sufferers of eczema, dermatitis and dry skin. Treated with the DreamSkin® polymer, these garments help to relieve itching and improve hydration of dry and damaged skin.



ENGUARD is a brand new and effective insect repellent that is totally safe for all the family. ENGUARD is activated simply by rubbing or scrunching. Once activated ENGUARD lasts 3 hours at 90% effectiveness, just rub or scrunch again to re-activate. ENGUARD works by continually releasing a fresh smelling natural vapour, which is safe for even the most sensitive skin. During normal use, ENGUARD remains active, creating a comforting, long-lasting, protective ”Bite Free Zone” around you of up to 50 cm (20″) from the surface of the fabric.

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